Growing up in New Mexico with its unique artistic traditions, distinct light and dramatic landscapes instilled in me a strong desire to create art. Over the years, I became an avid plein air painter–experiencing both the challenges and the joys of painting outdoors.

The quickly changing light, the quality of the atmosphere, and the tactile contact with the landscape, all serve as direct influences on my work. Even when painting in my studio, these strong sensations continue shape my efforts at capturing a moment. Through the use of color, brushwork and design, I strive to draw viewers into each painting, and attempt to express something special about that point in time.

Recently, I have also been lucky enough to combine my love of painting with a love of travel. Over the past several years, I have been able to paint along the coast of Maine, southern France, Tuscany, Honduras and the Czech Republic. Such diverse locales continue to inspire me and spur me on to create new work.

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