Encouraged by a creative family, art has always been a central part of Ann’s life. Majoring in art at George Washington University, she attended classes at the Corcoran School of Art.  Painting was placed on the back burner, with weekends and vacations spent developing her artistic skills, while she pursued a career managing Federal environmental programs.  She is now a full-time painter, mostly working en plein air, expressing on canvas or paper her continued commitment to the natural environment and appreciation for its beauty.  She hopes that her paintings will remind people how precious it is to all of us. The Potomac River, near her home, and the Nanticoke River, where she lives part-time, are constant sources of inspiration.

She seeks to capture on paper or canvas not only the visual impression of light and color, but other sensory aspects of the scene, such as the warmth or chilliness, sounds and atmosphere, or activity that surrounds her while painting in a particular place and time.  Working in watercolor and oil concurrently presents special challenges, keeps her flexible, and leads to more luminous oils and brighter and bolder watercolors.  Each type of paint behaves very differently, and she has fun experimenting and finding which one works best to describe a particular experience in nature.

Ann’s work has been exhibited in Bethesda, Frederick and Salisbury, Maryland, and she participates in plein air painting festivals in Maryland and other locations.

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